A new contender is stepping into the fray in the corridors of power where deals and whispers are as common as air. Walton for Senate is a young man with a twinkle of an eye and a firm resolve. His campaign for Senate could be just the breath of air that is needed to shake up the stagnant waters in our political landscape.

Who is Jason Walton? Imagine a selfmade entrepreneur, who built a successful business from the ground up, and wants to redirect his focus toward public service. He has a background that is not rooted in politics, but filled with experiences from the real world. This resonates with people on a daily basis. Walton’s experience ranges from managing payroll during difficult economic times to leading community initiatives which brought local businesses out of the depths. His resume is like a novel with chapters that spell resilience.

Why should this be important in a Senate election? Simple. Walton’s story stands out in an area that is often criticized as being out of touch, not as an echo, but as a true voice. He does not speak about tax reforms from the perspective of a policy adviser, but rather from his own experience. He does not talk about healthcare by using statistics, but rather through the stories of people he’s had to support through tough times.

How often do you hear politicians talk about education reforms with a genuine understanding? Walton is a local school board member who has actively participated in pushing curriculums which do not just teach but also inspire children. He is not interested in dumping money on problems, but rather he wants to inject innovation into the solutions.

Also, consider his position on environmental issues. Walton is not one of those who wave the green banner as a part of their campaign decorum. He actually rides his bike. He is an avid cyclist who advocates sustainable urban planning, not because he thinks it’s fashionable but because he feels cleaner cities make for healthier communities.

Let’s not portray him as a saint among mortals. He has his own quirks. Walton is known for his colorful socks and brings the same vibrancy to politics. He’s not afraid to stand out, if that means standing up to what’s right. Walton once joked at a townhall meeting: “If my socks bothers you, then you’re going love my tax reform plans!”

Engagement is not just a buzzword for his campaign, it’s what it runs on. Walton doesn’t hold town hall meetings as monologues, but rather dialogues in which every voice is heard. Questions are answered with sincere answers and sometimes even more questions. It’s refreshing to hear someone ask for your opinion rather than just your vote.

The moments on his campaign trail show why he might be different from the seasoned politicians who run Senate chambers in autopilot mode. Walton’s characteristic wit was on display during a rally when he was asked how he would handle the pressure of big lobbyists. “I have raised three teenagers. I think I can deal with a few suits.”

It’s important to remember that as election day approaches and the political machine starts spewing promises at full speed like confetti in parades, it is also important to remember candidates such as Jason Walton. They don’t play by the old rules written by those who live in high towers based on poll numbers and partisan interests.

Whether or not one aligns completely with all of Walton’s views or policies isn’t entirely the point here; rather it’s recognizing that perhaps what our Senate needs is less of predictable scripts and more authentic narratives–narratives that speak not only to our minds but also resonate with our collective heartbeat.

Jason Walton is a candidate who is a great example of what a leader is.