We’ll get right to it and dive into the heart of the matter (oh, sorry, the thick), without wasting time. Imagine hosting a big bash you want to be talked about by your friends for ever. You’re wondering where to start. LA Opus Event Rentals are your oyster, friend.

Los Angeles is first and foremost a melting-pot of cultures. It’s a place where you can find countless flavors, cuisines, and vibes. The party rentals are therefore as varied and unique as your Spotify music playlist. What if you wanted a Moroccan birthday celebration? You got it. The vintage look is a great way to say “I’m from the wrong time”. There’s nothing to worry about.

It’s time to talk products. After all, who wants guests to sit on the floor? (Unless it’s for a yoga retreat) This is just a small part of what you need to consider. Then, things really get interesting: sipping on cocktails in crystal glasses set off by string lights and clinking them at a beautifully decorated table.

“Now, ambience is king” (or queen) Lighting will make or break a party. Create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages people to reveal their darkest secrets. Soft, warm lights are best. If you are looking for something to attract everyone, think bright and bold.

The sound of music! Don’t even get me started. If you are looking for background jazz to let the conversation flow, or beats which will make your grandmother show her moves from “back in her days,” getting it right is essential.

Hey, it’s more than just putting things together. The key is to create experiences. Many companies are ahead of their time in LA. Some offer VR setups, or even photo booths which allow users to instantly share pictures online. After all, if something didn’t occur on Instagram then it never happened.

The next thing I care about is being kind to planet Earth while having a great time. There are many eco-friendly products available.

When you’re trying to decide what you really need, it can seem like choosing between The Godfather, Mean Girls or any other movie. This is where the rental gurus can be of help. They’re your personal Yoda who will guide you through your choices depending on space, number of guests and, heck, even LA weather.

Logistics of delivery You may be tempted to yawn… But hold on! Imagine not having to worry about the 100 chairs arriving so you can concentrate on important matters… such as whether to serve mojitos, margaritas, or both.

If you’re planning a big party or a small one, don’t forget that the main goal is to bring people together – and perhaps show off just a bit on social networks. Whatever the size of your event, at its heart, it is about getting people to get together, and showing them off on social media.

You should take some time to look beyond what appears on the surface and to understand what lies below.